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Networking, or not working!

"Networking, or not working!": this motto, heard at an environmental journalists' symposium back in 2006 and probably passed on from scientist to politician to enterpreneur throughout the decades, holds true today more than ever: networking, online and offline, is the basic pillar of a healthy and successful professional experience.

For this reason we decided from the very beginning that Logoscopio would be a company taking a horizontal approach and linking together persons from many different cultures and countries.

We have our primary headquarters in Arezzo, Tuscany, and a second harbour in Hamburg, Germany. Currently, we work closely with Aran Informatica, our main provider for financial software, KYC/AML tools, web applications and other ad hoc it solutions. Beyond those, we phisically or digitally interact daily with experts who work with or for us from the locations on the map below.

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